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Unsolicited parent's comments from kids who have been through the SMASH program :

Thank you for providing the training sessions, there is no doubt in my mind that in contributed to my son’s improvement last season & consequently his selection in the final U/15 Eastern Ranges Squad.

aflrunBoth boys won the club best & fairest again this year. They made the Eastern Ranges squads & played in the Interleague as well. They have been invited to the EFL league B&F next week. The last 2 years have seen them improve in all aspects of their physical conditioning. They have such great core stability & strength that other kids just can’t budge them & they are very difficult to tackle.

Thank you again for your work with her, I hope you feel the results make it worthwhile. Given the regularity of top junior athletes you turn out you must be classed as one of the premier junior coaches in the Nation.

The fruits of his hard work & your guidance over the winter are really paying off now as he is regularly shattering his prior PB's & beating kids that were slaughtering him last year.

… has got 1st place on the yr 11 & under 100m sprint finals of School Sport Victoria held on Monday 25 October 2010 in Bendigo. He smashed the Victorian record for 100m in his age group in the heats by clocking 12.83 sec & then beat that in the finals by running 12.62 sec for 100m. He used the blocks & spikes & created two state records on the day. The only two records for the entire championship event. He has been selected to run for state of Victoria in the upcoming national championships end of November 2010. (ps : he won Nationals too with a 12.37s 100m)

startYou have been an enormous contributor to her career & especially the amazing 18 months of success that we have all enjoyed. … For this we thank you greatly & it has been a pleasure training with you. After all of your hard work, all of these wonderful opportunities seem to be opening up for her, with the scholarship at Caulfield Grammar included. Her success seems to be continuing both on & off the track with (1st in) Victoria's fastest kid, the state Multi Event win & to our shock we received a letter advising she has won the Victorian Education Departments Athlete of the Year Award for Athletics which means we get to enjoy a lunch at the MCG plus receive an award from the Minister for Education. We are certainly believers in your conditioning & training philosophy.

We also noted that in the Victoria's fastest kid competition he has the highest qualifying time for the Under 12's & the 2nd fastest time for the under 13's.

agilityI said it during the camera presentation & I will repeat it now…..only a few times in ones lifetime do you have the opportunity to meet & associate with truly great men. I’ve been lucky & met a few more than most & you sir are counted amongst them.

You're fabulous!...thank you so much for your advice, you have no idea how much I appreciate it!

We're very pleased with his improvement (he was actually told he had great spring in his step when doing high jump at the school competition the other day, not bad for a kid who was told by the physio he had no spring in his foot at all before seeing you, by the way he came first)...

Jack won the (EFL) best & fairest, he is very happy!

Thank you VERY much for being available for further coaching when you were doubtless looking forward to a rest!

Hopefully you gain some credit in coaching circles in having two athletes make ALAC (the State track & field team) who initially came to you with very average performances.

Both my son & I want to thank you for all your hard work, time & dedication …. it’s really great to see the excellent results of all the effort you have both put into his training!

You should be a journalist & motivational speaker all at the same time ... as well as coach!

discusI know we say thanks at the end of each session but truly thank you very much for your dedication & massive amounts of time you spend with the kids in general & of course my son in particular. If, or I should say when, he does make it to professional status one day, he will have you to thank for it.

So if any parent/coach ever queries the benefit of weight training, just point out my son. Whatever other training techniques you have been using sure do work.

Congratulations Coach! 100% success rate .. can't do much better than that!

I noticed 3:35am on your email...that is dedication...or you have a sleeping disorder.

The improvement is so dramatic & across the board that anybody can see it is due to coaching, not only because he is one year older!

The rippling muscle definition is amazing!

The results are rightfully a testament to your own coaching skills.

From Other Coaches :
What I see here is something to put on the ATFCA (Australian Track & Field Coaches Assoc) web page in your name.
The world deserves to hear more of what MD does & has to say.
All of this is great but at present it stops at Knox when perhaps it could be influencing a wider range of coaches.
A million miles ahead of the rest. Impressive.
Profound, obvious & all so simple.
You must type & think at light-speed.
I also realised very early that you would be a coach who not only would get up to speed quickly but would just as quickly move ahead of the rest.
I hope your Centre realises this & continue to take full advantage of your ever growing expertise.
Great stuff. Love it!
Thanks . Triple excellent
You did a great job & really made it all work with Tom Tellez (USA Dual Olympic Head Track & Field Coach)
Good work - & fast!
Could not agree more & well overdue.
Very comprehensive , thanks.
Nice to see somebody is looking at these important matters