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SMASH Programs

See Calendar Page for Program dates & details. See below for information on our Holiday & Combine Programs.

Our standard program is an 8 session group program, which runs once a week during school terms. This well balanced & comprehensive program is the ideal place to start as it covers all the basics of sprint technique and agility skills with some core stability and conditioning thrown in. Once the basics have been covered you can branch out to more advanced speed & agility skills, sport specific skills or customised programs to suit specific needs. We also run holiday and specialist programs.

SMASH Speed & Agility programs include a wide array of skill progressions :
monique- linear, lateral & multi-directional agility
- running and sprint technique
- jumping and landing technique
- foundation movements : squat, lunge, hinge, push, pull, throw, kick
- general coordination, reflex, core, balance and flexibility training
- advice on diet, recovery, stretching, shoes, foam rolling and more!

We also provide training & testing for :
- individuals, small or large groups
- custom programs for sporting clubs and schools
- sprint and running programs for any requirements
- performance testing with individual and group performance analysis reports
- advanced reactive and decision making agility training
- plyometric contact time testing and analysis
- biomechanical video analysis
- heart rate analysis
- strength & conditioning programs
- rehab and injury prevention programs
- hydration testing
- nutrition & diet plans

Our expert speed & agility coaches, sport scientists and sports medicine team can design a program that exactly suits your specific requirements.

We use industry leading sports timing equipment and can test reaction time, sprint times over any distance with splits and also any agility test and vertical leap performance measurements.


SMASH Strength & Conditioning Programs
Learn to get strong & powerful the right way. Programs are available for both junior athletes & adults.
These sessions are run personally by head coach Mike with assistance from interns & other SMASH coaches.

Sessions are held in the Rise High Performance Gym at Rowville Secondary College, Sports Precinct, adjacent to Show Court 1.
After we finish up with the speed & agility athletic development session we move into the gym.

Gym sessions run on Mondays from 6:30 to 7:30pm. Takeaway programs are available once we test/review/screen you.

We cover correct lifting technique and over a progression of weeks,months, terms & years we cover :
kettlebells, barbells, dumbbells, bodyweight, core, olympic lifting, all the fundamental lifts & much more.

Perfection of tecnique & skill is a lifelong pursuit. Want to become great in 2 days - well maybe not! Pursuit of excellence & high performance takes years of dedicated effort. Sure we can improve some things quickly but to be the best takes ... time ... effort ... & hard consistent work.

We follow the ASCA guidelines for working with junior athletes. Weights lifted are age, development & technique appropriate. It's an urban myth that children shoudn't do strength & conditioning. We start with body weight athletes & slowly work them up over a number of months & years to free weights. We are particularly careful with spinal loads - athletes learn the correct technique first using light weights. Heavier loading is only done well past 16 years of age & only after athletes can demonstrate proper technique & have 12 months of lifting experience under direct coach supervision.


SMASH Holiday Programs

These programs include both theory & practice. Typically in term programs do not include much theory - it's mostly practical. Here is a chance to move to the next level of understanding of how and why our speed & agility techniques work. And of course practical training to put the theory into practice!

We cover sprint technique, agility, conditioning, footwear, nutrition, specialist training for specific sports, recovery, stretching & more!

Prices vary according to the progam offered.



SMASH Combine Preparation

Head coach Mike has been assisting the AIS & the AFL at the National AFL Draft Combine speed & agility days for the last 3 years and it's apparent that even the best junior AFL prospects in the country need a lot of work in their sprint and agility technique - enter SMASH as that's exactly what we do! Informally run in the past with elite players - improvements in times of 0.3-0.4s are typical for 20m sprint. We use the same equipment as the AFL, NBA & NFL (Fusion Sport timing gates). We cover starting, real world agility skills & sprint techniques. This unique program gives specific tips for improving your vertical leap, 20/30/40m sprint in addition to national combine agility tests (AFL, Basketball, Soccer, etc).Ttrying to make it overseas on a scholarship or make an elite squad? If you do poorly at testing you typically wont make it to the next stage. We give you the best preparation possible with Pro tips and elite SMASH training. The last 2 years coach Mike has worked with Exos (Athletes Performance) in their level 1 & 2 mentorship programs here in Melbourne - they are one of the best training organisations in the world (trained the German world cup soccer team).

$250 for 2 days ($230 early bird) combine preparation program. You must have completed a SMASH program and be 14 years or older to be eligible for this program.



Detailed SMASH Program Info

Term programs typically go for 6-11 weeks during school terms. We also run 1 to 3 day clinics of various types during school holidays. They are progressive and cater for all levels and ages of children from 10 up to adult.

SMASH takes a full spectrum approach – working on all the things that need be done in a spiral of every increasing progressions maintaining and improving all physical and sporting capabilities and performance.

Incremental progressions are an inherent & vital part of the SMASH program. Fundamental skills are taught carefully to new athletes in the program to establish correct initial movement patterns.

Three critical SMASH progressions are :
1) basic sprint technique
2) linear acceleration & deceleration skills
3) lateral agility skills

From these almost everything else follows - multidirectional agility, reactive and decision making drills. Along the way we also cover : balance, stability, flexibility, mobility, jumping & landing, core, coordination, strength & conditioning, recovery, diet, stretching & shoe selection & more.

It's typically best to do the SMASH introductory program first and then either to advance into the intermediate program or if you are a club or school we have modified & customised programs for specific sports.

SMASH Skills

We work on the basics first : posture, core stability, ankle & hip mobility, basic running technique, static balance - moving onto linear and lateral agility, planned movements, dynamic balance, sprint technique, core strength and finally multi directional agility, power and random decision making capability. No point working on advanced skills until the fundamentals are patterned in first!

With one of the most fundamental skills vital to almost all sports: running & sprinting, we train athletes in arm movements, posture, leg drive covering starting technique, acceleration and maximum velocity mechanics. Our drills starting off simply, covering all the skills necessary to clean up athletes running and sprinting style. Not all running coaches are created equal. Our program is proven and refined and has produced over 100 State, National & International medals in Track & Field. Our coaches have worked with thousands of junior athletes of all sports, abilities, ages & sex over the last decade. Our system works.

SMASH Concepts

Children come in all shapes, sizes, maturity & stages of development. There is no one size fits all program that works best for everyone. The best possible program would be customized specifically for each individual after extensive screening, implemented and refined regularly. However much can be done in group settings with intelligent selection and sequencing of exercises as everyone needs certain types of corrections, mobilizations, activations & exercises.

It is vital to get the basics right and to build a solid foundation of fundamentally sound movement patterns in children. This sounds easy to do but very few actually do it - not at most schools and definitely not in most sports. Coaches are all too quick to teach specific sporting skills before establishing running, jumping, throwing, kicking and correct basic movement mechanics. And it's these foundation skills that enable kids to be good at all sports and can be used throughout life : to improve performance & to reduce injury.

Athletic training is a journey that lasts many years. It takes years to get an education at school - sport skills are the same. Dedication and pursuit of excellence takes months & years not days!