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What is SMASH?

Smash is fun, innovative & challenging for kids. Smash programs incorporate the best & latest from evidence based sport science (ie : what really works). Smash includes everything a junior athlete needs to be their best.

Why is SMASH different?balance

It establishes correct fundamental movement mechanics, patterns & skills first – running, jumping, hopping, skipping, general agility, coordination & balance. Once these correct foundations are in place then speed, strength and power are progressively layered on. Unlike most sports which almost always work on specific sport skills – often before children are ready for them. Smash programs engage and challenge kids to make them want to be at training, because they are enjoying it & getting better. Smash emphasises individual improvement in a semi competitive group based environment.

How was SMASH developed?

Smash has been refined over almost a decade working with thousands of junior athletes by the Smash coaches. With input from the best and most recent scientific research & juvenile sport experts from all over the world.

Why is SMASH better?

Smash teaches children to move, run and jump correctly so that they then have a solid platform to build later specialisation and high performance training on. By teaching children to move correctly it unlocks their ability to move well. These basic and critically important skills are rarely taught at school or in most sports. Teachers, coaches and indeed most trainers of any description aren’t teaching kids the right stuff.

Why should children do SMASH rather than other sports?

It isn’t that they shouldn’t do other sports, in fact doing a wide variety of sports when young typically develops athletes better and gives them a broader base of skills and talents. But doing Smash first (and ongoing with more advanced Smash programs) enables young athletes to establish biomechanically correct movement patterns. Their performance will be better with reduced likelihood of injury.

What about the SMASH coaches?

Smash coaches are all highly qualified and trained exercise physiologists and experienced elite coaches. Not someone who has done a 2 week course in “boot camps”. We only employ the best & brightest - many of our coaches play professional and high level amateur sport and have competed at State, National levels and overseas. Your children deserve nothing less.

Is SMASH all about High Performance?hurdle

Smash training simply allows children to perform closer to their maximum genetic potential by teaching them to move correctly. In some cases this has dramatically improved the performances of children who have previously shown no high level sporting abilities. In all cases the general movement patterns of children have improved. Not everyone is going to become a State or National level performer – but it’s surprising how many have once exposed to Smash programs.

How do I know SMASH actually works?

Smash has a performance and results record second to none. Junior athletes competing at world and international level. Winning State & National championships, setting National athletics records, being drafted into the AFL to play full time professional sport. Playing at the highest levels for junior sport in the country.

aflkickSmash started with just two athletes almost ten years ago. They both ended up being state & national multi-event, sprint and jumps champions. One just made the Australian national team for World U20 junior championships in decathlon, the other ended up as the Pacific Schools Games champion for 100 & 200m sprints, the highest level possible for young athletes in Australia to compete in. Coincidence? These were just 2 local kids training at the local aths club ... From that auspicious beginning working with 2 young 11 & 12 year old athletes, Smash has constantly been refined & improved and now offers programs for all field & track sports & levels of junior athletes.

Smash athletes won Vic fastest kid senior age competition the first 3 years in a row (and also had a 2nd & 3rd as well over the first 4 years of the competition). The most recent medallist had been coached at track and field for several years without winning anything. After being in the Smash program for 6 months, he now holds the State all schools record for 200m and also won the 100m. Achieved a National all schools sprint medal and is of course the latest “Vic fastest kid” medalist in the squad for 2012.
Smash athletes hold multiple State & National records in Track & Field. Smash athletes have made National teams for competition at the world level in multiple sports as diverse as Lacrosse, Gymnastics, Track & Field & Trampolining. There are many team sport athletes that have played in Vic Metro & TAC AFL squads, won EFL B&F, captained their teams, made all Australian, played at State & National level basketball.

And in the vast majority of cases we are talking about local kids, not athletes filtered through selection or high performance programs. However now that Smash's results are becoming well known we are working with more high level athletes who come to the Smash system to improve their performances even more.

Smash coaches have assisted schools to win their first ever State level competitions. MLC won their first ever GSV games with an improvement from 4 to 44 medals in 1 year (yes that’s an 11 fold improvement!). Trinity Grammar First's teams won their first AFL premiership in 36 years, won T&F, improved from 3rd to 2nd in cross country and from 6th to 3rd in soccer.

And the list goes on …